Thursday, 9 August 2012

*London vs. The Big NY [so far]

Apologies for taking such a long break from posting. I was, in fact, spending a few days traveling around and feeling most out of place (from a fashion perspective at least).

At first, I held the opinion that Brits, and Europeans in general, do not seem to dress up much...whereas, in New York one is bombarded by many-a budding fashionista..or fashionisto? lol..

As a result, after having to compete in the Big Apple environment, my first few outings left me feeling just a bit overdressed.

To say that the Londoners weren't as dressed up may have been a bit biased and unfair. I quickly grew accustomed to their dress sense (although I settled on the idea that they just dress a lot more maturely and comfortably than I do, and that maybe due to the unpredictable weather, it was just better to wear a simple outfit, maybe a tee and jeans, and just throw a large, comfy-looking sweater over it).

Even in the city, which I expected to be a little trendier than the 'burbs where I am staying, most people were still dressed casually, with lots of separates, as literally one minute it was hot and sunny and the next it was overcast and chilly.

Now don't get me wrong, while NY style is still quite comfortable, the fashion seems less "pretty" as compared to the classic/vintage English dressing style, with a hard and playful edge to it (which I love). So I've made some mood boards of MY perception of the variations in fashion...

                             *New York*                                       *London*
...with some celebs on the street who I think best represent these distinctions...

#teamNewYork: Blake Lively:
#teamNewYork: Sarah Jessica Parker: 
 #teamLondon: Kate Moss:
#teamLondon: Alexa Chung:
And don't even get me started on the male fashion...Sigh.
Now, I have read a post similar to mine, done by an English girl spending a semester at an American university in Minnesota (quite almost the reverse to me actually). Her opinions seem to differ from mine somewhat, describing American style as lots of denim and plaid....hmm..which I could see, as Minnesota isn't exactly a fashion capital in the States. We did however seem to agree that Americans don't seem to care too much about trends, often dressing how they want, and that Europeans don't aim to look too polished, with lots of layering due to the fickle weather.

Maybe I've just become more acclimatized to the bright and colorful cosmopolitan than is New York City? Maybe I haven't gone to the right fashion locales in London? Maybe I prefer the fast-paced, pavement pounding lifestyle that is New York? Who knows? But I'll definitely keep you updated as my perception changes...