Tuesday, 6 August 2013

*style_file: from runway to rollercoaster | super post for a super model.

As usual, things have been super hectic on my end.

With my internship wrapping up and my semester beginning very soon, I barely have time for myself...

However, as it's my birthday week, I should clear my schedule!
While I have celebrated the past few birthdays in various different countries [#humblebrag], which is a lot less fun than it sounds, this will be the first time I will be in the States for the big day, surrounded by my uni friends.

And, although the older you get, the less fussy you are about plans, I have decided that this year, as it should really be every year, to celebrate life and the friendships that I cherish...

...and, well, presents help too! Haha.

Anyway, before getting too soppy, I am not the only one 'celebrating' being a year older...any guesses who?

If you guessed Kween Karlie, award yourself 20 imaginary points, redeemable at a later date!
Karlie celebrating her 21st birthday with an ultra-exclusive party thrown in her honor by Vogue and a less exclusive day at Disney World (lower right corner)
I've been wanting to feature this leggie supermodel for quite a while now and what better time than our shared birthday week!
Some quick facts about the newly legal [in her home country of America, that is] supermodel:
*Born in Chicago, Illinois
*Career beginnings in 2006 with Elite NY
*In 2008, after switching to Next Model Management, walked an incredible 31 shows during NYFW including opening for Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera
*Walked 20 shows in Milan and 13 in Paris during the FW08 season
*Named 'Best Model of 2008' by People Magazine
*Muse for John Galliano and Dior in 2010
*Opened 10 shows and closed 8 during SS11 season
*Has appeared in ads for countless designers and editorials in magazines globally
*Became a Victoria Secret angel in 2013!
*Has her own line of 'kookies'

...just turned 21...let's let that sink in....
As expected with such a prominent model, narrowing her immense body of work to the few images in these collages proved difficult so, if you feel overwhelmed, imagine how hard it was for me!

*phew* That was a lot of talking! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!
Her pictures are AH-MAY-ZING!

Wait! Who's birthday is it again?! Cause you're the one getting presents! Haha

Seems that being a Leo these days equates to being an overachiever and having long legs...


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