Tuesday, 31 July 2012



So, while I have a lot of other posts piling up, I have had an interesting past two days spending time with my mother and aunt, learning about their side of the family.

I have never really known a lot about my mother's family history, except that my grandmother had it rough, raising children single-handedly, and my mother and her siblings weren't the best off financially. However, yesterday I happened upon a picture of my grandfather, whom I had never seen. It encouraged me to delve into the mysteries of my family, a conversation which lasted for more than four hours, providing humorous memories and  a lot more questions than answers.

Regardless of all that is left unanswered, it made me proud, proud of my family and how far we have come through hard work and perseverance; and how despite minor discrepancies, underneath it all we still love each other.

Ironically, I was also reminded of this today when a very close friend of mine reminded me that friends come and go, and while you can't choose your family, they will always be there for you.

Ultimately, I have decided to invest more energy into learning about my lineage and with the hopes of passing it on to my own family someday...just another project that I have committed myself to.

[I hope that I don't procrastinate with that too..]


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