Monday, 7 January 2013

*baby mama drama

***'s been a while..

Spent the past few days babysitting my little cousin while my aunt and uncle went back out to work. was fun to say the least...but let's just say I'm grateful he's back off to school today...haha...leaves me time to blog!

I even took a picture of me playing hide-and-seek with him!

Constance Jablonski. Numéro #117.
Aren't we cute?!

Haha..just kidding..

Anyways...while I would like to think that my cousin and I looked like this...

...the reality was probably closer to this...

*here's where I normally post some inspiring and related quotes for you to ponder about, but today lovelies, I've only got one..

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” ― Johnny Depp

Ironically, they both also poo everywhere. Coincidence? #ithinknot

...I'm just being silly...I love kids. And my cousin is no exception. He constantly surprises and amazes me with just how happy he is and all that he can do.

If you have of your own, treat them like the angels that they are [even if they don't always act like it] *hides duct tape*... If you're expecting, Congrats!...and if you're patiently waiting for your own opportunity...

..join the queue!

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