Monday, 10 September 2012

*Bad Blogger.

***'s the second time I haven't blogged in a while...but this time with good reason..Although partially due to laziness and time constraints, I also have spent a great deal of the past month, unsettled, and traveling all over England.

Thus, I haven't had the most time, or in some cases internet, to sit and construct a post. [also..I need to learn to blog more efficiently, making shorter but more frequent posts...almost like how tweeting has become second nature to me.]

With this blog, I am really trying to keep it from being too, although I am spending a semester abroad in the gorgeous English countryside and experiencing so many wonderful things, I hope to use this more as an inspiration guide...highlighting to all--especially artists, whether his tools be paint or voice or fabric, that inspiration is to be found everywhere.

So, even though I am a little overwhelmed with school work at the moment...I am going to make a conscious effort to blog more often.

*pinky promise*

Short enough?


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