Monday, 17 September 2012

*Target_: Cheryl Cole

After doing that 'Alexa Chung' post I started thinking about other fashion icons, particularly Brits, whose styles I am inspired by...
Naturally, Cheryl Cole came to mind...

She's a gorgeous gal...who had it a bit rough lately, relationship wise and whatnot, but career-wise she is still as big as ever!

Somewhat comparable to Vicky Becks, Cheryl also comes from a popular girl group, married [and subsequently divorced] a football [soccer to you Americans] star, and has climbed the fashion ladder to earn the well deserved title of 'style icon'...
As you can very well see, she has a diverse range of looks, easily transitioning between glamorous and demure to edgy, and what really impresses me, is that she really seems to understand the importance of styling *takes notes*.
b&w... #chic #striking
I love that about her really, the fact that she really doesn't mind slapping on a pair of pants [and all my friends know I love a girl in pants] and messing it up a bit...
...I think that red's her color... #stunning
And while fashion may not necessarily be as 'fun' for her as it is for others, she definitely brings a sense of confidence to whatever she wears...and that's all that matters really, no?

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