Friday, 14 September 2012

*Fashion Week.

sooo...maybe I haven't exactly been the most up to date fashion blogger in the world... [it's pretty hard running a solo blog and being a full time student you know!] I haven't really made the time to blog about one of the most important events in the fashion world.... New York Fashion Week SS13. [which ended yesterday] *womp on me*
In Layman's terms, New York Fashion Week or NYFW is, I guess, like the fashion industry's Christmas.

*case in point*

Christmas: everyone gathers around a fireplace and chatters on about what they've been up to...
Fashion Week: designers gather around a runway and present what they've been up to....

Christmas: presents, gifts and goodies!
Fashion Week: swag/promo bags, gifts and goodies!

Christmas: drunk uncles...
Fashion Week: drunk celebrities...


The only differences would be that, well, there are two New York Fashion Weeks a year, one in the Fall [i.e. now] and one in the Spring. And well, all the major Fashion Weeks [New York, London, Paris, Milan] lead into another, culminating into seemingly a Fashion Month. *exciting*
images obtained from Fashionologie
What I love about it though, is that the locations become almost like a Mecca for fashion enthusiasts everywhere..During fashion week, the street style of all those in and around the major events greatly improves in style. People get more creative, take more risks and it is then when you can really see how diverse personal style can be.... Everyone looks so put together....
images obtained from Fashionologie

Skip on over to Fashionologie and look at the huge and wonderfully compiled slideshow of fashion week attendees all dolled up, showcasing their personalities through their clothing and get inspired to do the same!
I could ramble on about fashion week; the differences between the fashion weeks...the significance of them...trends etc...but maybe I'll leave that for another post... least I'm on time for London Fashion Week... >_<

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