Thursday, 13 December 2012

*the end is near

Long time no see!

Good morning kiddies... I am finished with finals..and thus, the rest of my semester consists of returning library books and packing to leave *sad face* [although I will still be in England].

While this has been an amazing, full of life-changing experiences and inspiration, I am pretty eager to get some rest; it was a pretty exhausting term! I can honestly say however, that I will always cherish this experience and the people that I have come in contact with over here...

And, with the end of this crazy chapter in my life in sight [and loads of free time], I thought you could use some pretty...

For every finish-line tape a runner breaks - complete with the cheers of the crowd and the clicking of hundreds of cameras - there are the hours of hard and often lonely work that rarely gets talked about.-Grete Waitz

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.-Walter Elliot
The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.-Unknown

But for each of us, isn't life about determining your own finish line?-Diana Nyad

If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just to finish the race - it's up to you.-Dave Scott

Have a great day! More posts to come!

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