Thursday, 20 June 2013

*throwback thursday_ski country

Morning all!

Ok, so here I go, attempting to breathe some life into this blog...

This blog started off as a travel/fashion/inspiration blog and while I have been traveling, I have been depriving you of the experience as I haven't been documenting it.

So these 'Throwback Thursday' posts will be just that; things that I [due to being too caught up in life] unfortunately didn't post.

Starting in reverse chronological order, the last undocumented place I visited [and referenced in americana], was Vermont for my Spring Break.

I'll start by saying that Vermont was different...


...not bad, different.

It was very American, but then again, I went to a vintage ski resort with a LARGE group of Americans. It was definitely a new experience for me, coming from the Caribbean, obviously never having skied before. However, my intentions weren't to ski.

I went to accompany my friend, to travel and see another State that I would not normally, but also to refresh and rejuvenate and had every intention of working on some fashion-related stuff.

To the outside world, I looked timid and antisocial, cooped up indoors on my computer and was encouraged, and not wrongly, to go out and explore the wooded, snowy, ski slopes.

And, after a few days in the 'wilderness,' surrounded by forest, snow and plaid [and talks about fishing] I could say that I learned to appreciate that this all-American culture is unsurprisingly different. It was my first extended stay with a real, born-and-bred American family and it was definitely a unique and unforgettable experience...I left with the bruises and the flu to prove it!

...oh! I also learned that skiing definitely does not look THIS glamorous [did I mention that I don't like snow?? haha]

“I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill.” ― Erma Bombeck

“Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.” ― Author Unknown

“When it comes to skiing, there's a difference between what you think it's going to be like, what it's really like, and what you tell your friends it was like.” ― Author Unknown


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