Wednesday, 10 July 2013

*couture collections

With the closing of Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013 last week, I thought that I, as a blogger [as many do many others], have a duty to cover, give my opinion on, or at least acknowledge the occurence of one of the 'Big Four' Fashion Weeks...
Of these major Fashion Weeks, Paris Fashion Week, with all it's haute couture shows, is especially looked forward to, as it is a major stage for Parisian couturiers to showcase their talent.

Dozens upon dozens of edgy, avant-garde, and just plain gorgeously detailed and meticulously handcrafted clothes glide down runways, depicting designers' visions and painting fashionable fantasies for those in attendance.

And, with gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces, lavishly hand-tailored by the best ateliers [workshops] in the business, it is no wonder why a number of celebrities attend these shows to scope out their next 'Award Season' looks.

I'm not really going to review the collections as much, cause I think that they're all beautifully made clothes and, even if a collection does not align with my aesthetic, one cannot deny the true skill and craftsmanship in designing true haute couture.

Instead, I'll post a few of my favorite looks, from a few of my favorite shows! Deal?

Starting with....

Gorgeous clothes; gorgeous color story....and there's those stripes again!

A more modern take on couture, designer Raf Simons, who's inspiration was 'freedom' noted that, "if we don't adapt to what women in society are now about, couture might disappear..."

See the rest of the collection here!

A salute to modern freeness!

Enjoy the pretty kiddies...more to come!


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