Monday, 1 July 2013


As most of you know [unless you've been living under a rock], yesterday was NYC's annual Pride Parade.
A celebration of community and equality, qualities that we should all aspire towards, NYC's week long of  festivities ends in a culmination of colors and love.

However, despite it's apparent beauty, one must always be mindful of the underlying meaning of Pride week. It is not only to celebrate how far we in the LGBT community have come in the fight for freedom and our rights, but also to recognize how much further we, as humanity, have to go.

I believe that the words of one of my very close friends aptly summarizes this ideal...

He says,
“PRIDE has meant many things to me in my life, but never has it just been about being a fag or not. It’s a celebration of us, of humanity no matter where we come from , what we look like, or what or who we do… this past month I have seen love and hate, People holding prejudice where you least expect it, and acceptance and tolerance from where you least expect it… this weekend I was able to celebrate with friends and strangers, gay, straight , black brown red yellow and blue all the same, in each and every party and place the breeze blew me… I was reminded of one thing though, the hope for a better world, belief in humanity and belief in a generation all come from belief in oneself… If we’re lucky and believe in ONE love and the effervescence of a generation, we will live to see a world that shines with more resilience than can even be dreamed of- a world for our children to grow, love and be loved in all the same…”
 Thus, in commemoration of this rainbow event [and what would pride be without some colorful fashion], here's a few fabulously fashionable and, better yet, colorful clothes.

                               “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” ―Heather Small.


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