Tuesday, 23 October 2012

*Back to Black

Something new that I've decided to introduce is the creation of these Polyvore boards. Depending on, I guess, a post that I'm inspired by, I'll create a quick little mood board, like the one below, to show all the various styles and ways in which you too can be inspired by my posts.

I also think it ties in well with the aim of this blog, as it's not really a fashion news blog, although there will be some overlap with that, but more of a fashion inspiration blog.

Hence, drawing inspiration from the recent 'b&w' post, a board highlighting just how chic, sassy, classy, simple, elegant, edgy, striking, versatile etc..black can really be. A staple for every wardrobe as it is a color can easily be integrated into any look...

Back to Black
...but maybe I'm biased as I have a lot of black in mine...hahah.


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