Wednesday, 3 October 2012

*Scotland? Aye!

Hey all!

As I previously mentioned, I spent last weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland and [do I even have to say?] it was AMAZING!....

Seriously, the city is so full of history, albeit with lots of gore, but also a lot of inspiration...

Much like the rest of Europe, it's a ton of architecturally gorgeous buildings surrounded by the wonderfully energetic buzz of a modern and cosmopolitan society.

One feature that I really found fascinating was the fact that the city was built in levels, with some roads weaving under buildings and bridges adding to the sophistication of Edinburgh.
You would walk over a bridge, look over and expect to see a river or stream and find cars and pedestrians!

There was even an amazing parade of shops [Princes Street], with every retailer you could want, running parallel to a gorgeous set of gardens, set in a large depression that formerly used to be a large lake [of sewage...ironic much?] with a huge castle on a hill right next to it... I mean, what could be more breathtaking and stunning to be doing your shopping right next to a castle??
Edinburgh Castle atop the mound. Gardens in the middle, Princes Street to the Right.
It's quite funny, in that, I never really thought to visit Scotland but, once there, completely fell in love with it and didn't want to leave. The people were exceedingly friendly, the food was amazing [once you get over the mental image of what's in Haggis it's quite delish!] and even the nightlife was banging..haha.. even though whiskey isn't my drink of choice...

...and of course...tartan!
men, women and dogs!

...doesn't have to be red...
Even celebs have turned to tartan! #cute
Top Left Clockwise: Rihanna, Hamish Bowles, Alexander McQueen, Sarah Jessica Parker
Chloƫ Moretz, Emma Watson, Marc Jacobs.
kilts, castles and sewage lakes? oh my!....Either way, I can't get enough of Scotland!


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