Thursday, 25 October 2012

*Style File: Karen Elson

Been a while since I did a 'Style File' post...soooo yay! More British models!
Today's focus is on Karen Elson, British model-turned-singer extraordinaire.

Known for:
*fiery red hair [dyed]
*minimal, shaved eyebrows
*shooting the cover of Italian Vogue w/ Steven Meisel on 18th birthday.
*walking Marc Jacobs 2006 F/W runway while pregnant
*marrying [although recently divorcing] Jack White of the White Stripes in a shaman officiated wedding in a canoe up the Amazon [with Meg White, Jack's ex-wife, as her maid-of-honor]
After a rough entry into the fashion world, being turned down by a number of jobs, most times without representation, Elson's edgy look quickly became popular in the Asian markets, which then in turn propelled her to global success. Definitely a testament as to how hard and non-linear the industry is!

She's a crazy girl with a striking look. Unlike Kate and Naomi, who probably do a lot more polished shoots, Ms. Elson definitely puts some weird and quirky fun into hers.
Should I let the pictures do the talking?
Needless to say, she's got a lot of shots that I really like...
Still lots of glam, no?

Haha. As close to a 'file' as you can get, ey? Short, sweet and lots of pictures.

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