Saturday, 27 October 2012


Morning all!

Sigh. Been slacking on my posts! This one has been two weeks in the making!
Exactly two Saturdays ago, I had the privilege of going to the city of Bath with my classmates.
A gorgeously romantic, Roman city, given it's name from the thermal spring baths that was used up to as early as 60 A.D!
L-R: Overhead of Royal Crescent+Circus. Bath Abbey. Pultney Bridge x2. Bath Abbey. Royal Circus.

Bath's got everything...from a rich history linked to Roman settlement and Jane Austen, to inspiring architecture [which includes an amazing cathedral and the famous Royal Crescent and Circus] to...*get ready for this* a fashion museum! Can you guess what my first stop was?
Even got to see a McQueen original, which was chosen as 'Dress of the Year' for 2011! #amaze

There's even the famous 'Pump Room' where a number of Jane Austen movies filmed scenes! It's open to the public for tea, just got to queue up [but obviously there's a long queue]. It's worth it though, most amazing tea I've had here in a stunningly gorgeous room. #classy
If you ever venture to England and you're searching for inspiration, Bath is definitely the place to provide it.An eclectic and modern mix of people in a beautifully historical city, what more could you ask for?!

I was obviously interested in the fashion, which the city seems to be a hub of, but if you like history or architecture, even Jane Austen novels, this is certainly a must see!
Breathtaking no? Must revisit!
*adds to bucket list*

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