Tuesday, 2 October 2012

*Style_File: Naomi Campbell

Not so much on the heels of the Kate Moss post comes this week's Style File on Naomi!
Another popular British model, [one of the few 'supermodels' actually,] who rose to prominence in the 90s.

Similarly to Kate, Naomi has suffered her fair share of scandal, but in true supermodel fashion has bounced back, making a stunning return to the fashion world.
And what a glorious return it has been with that stunning gait she has. 

*tries to be objective*.... ok but seriously... BEST. WALK. EVER. hands down. not even kidding.

If you haven't seen Naomi walk, you haven't lived. *heads to YouTube*

*...breathes life to clothes*
*...legs like a horse*
*...hips, hips hips*

Anyways, enough fawning. I'll let her portfolio do the talking.

Disclaimer: I was super inspired by her pics that I couldn't decide which ones to post. Decided to make two, one of her amaze color photos, and one of her B&W ones. Enjoy!

Plus... I mean community service in designer gowns...fabulousssssss! 

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