Wednesday, 10 October 2012

*Theatre Time!

Off to the theatre today kiddies!

I am really beginning to really appreciate and be inspired by the whole idea of 'production,' including set design, costuming and lights. I love how many different visionaries, both on and off the the stage, have a creative coming together to produce such a spectacle!
While I have been to a few Broadway productions, the English theatre experience is dramatically different [as, with such a different culture, one would expect it to be].
One example would be that the Brits eat ice-cream at the theatre; my Literature professor exclaiming that they don't eat it anywhere else!

Anyway, being my fifth theatre performance, I thought, since it inspires me as much as it does, why not post about it! Isn't that what this blog is meant to be about? Inspiration in life---->blog post.
Expecting it to be a typical stage adaptation of the discussed text, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is not going to be what the class is accustomed to seeing, being a play-in-performance, but instead....

....a ballet!
I guess I should have expected such a twist as:
a) the text is in fact an Italian opera...and thus already different to what we're used to....and
b) here in the UK, expect the unexpected.

So, we're off to see Madame Butterfly [the most performed opera in the US] in ballet form.

Will let you know how it goes!


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