Wednesday, 10 October 2012

*Motivation: Do what you love!


Recently, echoing in my life has been the somewhat cliche ideal of doing what you love. Popping up frequently, as every semester I find myself feeling far from the creative [one major inspiration for this blog], I constantly have to remind myself to focus on the long term effects of studying what I am.
After all, wouldn't you dedicate your best efforts to something that you are really passionate about?

Statistics have shown [and no it's not that kind of blog] that in 2010 50% of UK employees surveyed were unhappy with their jobs, a comparable proportion to the 55% of Americans. While a number of factors influence this, economic instability being a major standout, maybe if one focused more on long term goals, one's present situation may not seem as daunting, making 'work' seem like 'fun'! *sounds young and naive*

work or play?

 In fact, as discussed in one of my very first business classes, people should ultimately strive to settle on the right mix of what they like doing, what they're good at doing, and what makes money. These three go hand in hand for success and happiness and it's pretty easy to see how.
...[top right: credit- Eric Feng 2012]
Additionally, one should ascertain what it is they want from their job. Do you want a challenge? A constant  environment? The ability to travel? To meet new people? And only you can answer these things!

Alas, do not make money the root of your motivation. After all, then no one would be teachers. [sadly, one of the most influential professions in the world, is also one of the least if you can read this, go hug a teacher today!] 
Compare this with train drivers in the UK, who get paid a starting salary even higher than doctors....just for driving a motorized train?! The Telegraph  publishes figures noting that:
"Britain’s trainee doctors start on £23,533 a year rising across 12 pay bands to £65,392, while the UK’s specialty doctors start on £36,807 rising to £68,638.
The figures compare with train drivers on the London Underground, who receive between £45,000 and £46,000 a year."
*let it soak in*
...actually ignore this entire post. Let's just all be train drivers! :)
Louis Vuitton fashion show. Train carrying models 'to Shanghai.' 2012.

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