Saturday, 13 October 2012

*Fall 2012 Trend Alert:Cobalt

 Hola kiddies!

A lot of business at hand today. I promised myself that in blogging, I would try to be a little different and not force a ton of fashion news down your throats...[that if you wanted that, you could read a fashion mag]. However, as this blog does have a fashion slant or perspective, I do think that I have a duty to provide you with at least some, if not all, the happenings and trends in the industry.

Today's Agenda: Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Trend
A rich, vivid color...that maybe I wouldn't have posted about had I been immune to it. Lately, I've been very drawn to it's bright and poppy nature, even buying a very sharp cobalt blue shirt for myself.
Appearing on lots of runways at the beginning of 2012, this is set to be one of the big and emergent trends for the Fall. Thus, it's no surprise that the celebs themselves have been sporting this chic and sophisticated color.
Sigh. The more I search for cobalt colored clothing, the more I want of it!

Maybe you'll be inspired by it too? :)
Also, my first [and hopefully not last] Polyvore board so don't be too harsh...



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